affiliate marketing definitions

Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is: A way to make money from the internet. This business is basically a business model that is very long, ie, pay for someone only if they successfully sell.

Affiliate marketing, including a big business. This business is estimated to worth about 14 million dollars each year. In affiliate marketing, we get paid if we successfully sell products / services of a merchant or affiliate merchants.

Merchant or affiliate merchant is a person or company that has products / services they are marketed through the Internet. While the people who do not have a product / service for sale, can help these merchants' affiliate in selling the product. For each product sold, they will get a commission.

Well, the people who make money in this way above the call 'affiliate marketers' or affiliate. Sometimes they are also called 'associates' or 'program partners'. If you register with 'affiliate program' merchant's affiliate, meaning that we signed up to be one member of their online sales ranks.

In other words for the affiliate program is the 'associate programs', 'Bounty programs', 'referrer programs', 'partner programs' or 'revenue sharing programs'. All the same! Just different words. I myself prefer to call it "affiliate program" because this term more commonly used by marketers. :-)

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How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Now we already know what is meant by 'Affiliate Marketing', If you do not know, please click here! and of course we want to know HOW do I work this business on the internet so that we can make a profit! In online business, all affiliate marketers make sales through the 'special link' or known by the term 'affiliate link'. Affiliate links are provided by the affiliate merchant (owner of the goods / services). How it works affiliate link is as follows:

For example we find a product online that we want to sell. Then we see the web site that offers affiliate programs. Once we learned they were willing to give us a commission of 40% for each sale we generate.

We then enrolled in the affiliate program by filling out a form. Usually the merchant will ask you to fill in your name, complete address, name of the recipient 'check' (for commissions), email, phone number, etc.. We will also be asked to read 'affiliate agreement'. Affiliate agreement is a legal document that binds us to the affiliate merchant.

Usual contents express our agreement to the terms and conditions determined by the affiliate merchants, such as not sending spam email (the email unsolicited commercial email owner). Affiliate agreement is important because if we are violating the terms and conditions that have been written there, affiliate merchant can postpone payments or even gets us out of their affiliate program.

Well, after we agreed to comply with the affiliate agreement, the affiliate merchant will provide an 'affiliate link' for us. Our next task is to promote the affiliate link. For example, by placing a link on our web site or in email signatures, in the hope that someone will 'click' and BUY the products / services that we marketed it.

Well, when someone clicks on our affiliate link and make a purchase, we will be given a commission for those sales! But remember lho! This guy really MUST make a purchase.

This is the real challenge in the world of affiliate marketing. Affiliate merchants do their job to sell and deliver products / services to people who buy through our links. While we help them by promoting affiliate links that they provide. Each affiliate link usually consists of a series of numbers or letters which uniquely coupled with 'affiliate ID' us, that serves to identify the OUR as the sole person responsible for the sales generated through this affiliate link!


(In this case, let's say your affiliate code is? 2222958. Note: every person who followed the ClixSense program will have a different affiliate code).

Then you promote the link above with your creativity. For example, by creating a web site that examines the importance of internet marketing education, or write your experiences to learn affiliate), in which you want to include your affiliate link to the site ClixSense.

In essence, when someone visits your site ClixSense 'through your links' and then he joined, the 'affiliate system' Asian ClixSense will 'record' that the affiliate code? 2222958 has been successfully sold.

Oh yes please note, too many models that have affiliate programs on the Internet, for example sebai Pay Per Sale, means we will pay if the sale occurs. Pay Per Click, We will pay if there is a click, and other - other