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Google's Unique History

Google is not only unique from the word. Google also has a historical background is unique. Google was born from a meeting of two young men happened by accident in 1995 and then. Larry Page, an alumnus of the University of Michigan (24), who was enjoying a weekend visit, accidentally brought into contact with Sergey Brin, one of the students (23) who had walked around Lary task.

In a meeting earlier accident, the two Google founders are often involved a long discussion. Both have opinions and different views that are often involved in the debate. However, differences in their thinking it produces a unique approach in solving one of the biggest challenges in the computer world. Namely, the problem of how to recover data from massive data sets.

In January 1996, Larry and Sergey began to collaborate in making search engine called BackRub. A year later, their unique approach to network analysis raised the reputation BackRub. The news about the new technique to spread the search engine directly into the campus.

Larry and Sergey continued to improve Google technologies throughout early 1998. They also began looking for investors to develop the technology of Google.

Pots were intercepted. They received an injection of funds from the campus friend, Andy Bechtolsheim, a founder of Sun Microsystems. ''We met with Andy in the early morning, in the faculty dormitory porch Stanford, in Palo Alto,''said Sergey. ''We give a brief demo because Andy did not have a long enough time. Then, he just said, 'Why do not I write a check for you?''

A check for 100 thousand U.S. dollars given by Andy Bechtolsheim. Unfortunately, the check was written on behalf of the company Google. And it was a company called Google has not established by Sergey and Larry.

Investment from Andy became a dilemma. Larry and Sergey can not compose poem there is no check for the legal institution called the company Google. Therefore, the two Google founders are back working hard in search of investment. They are looking for funders among family, friends, and colleagues collected funds until around 1 million dollars. And finally, companies can set up Google in 7 Septembar 1998 and officially opened in Menlo Park, California.

Naming Google

Google's name with two 'o' was unique. For, if the data found in search results, the number of 'o' will appear as many web obtained by the search engines.

Google the word comes from the word googol. This word was successfully created by Milton Sirotta, nephew of Edward Kasner, a mathematician from the United States. Sirotta coined the term googol to mention the number one (1) is followed by 100 zeros (0).

Unbelievable. Googol is a word that shows a very large number of them. Numbers that exceed the number of billion or trillion. And in this universe there is no object, amounting to the googol. Not the star, it was not dust particles, and also atom.

Therefore, the use of the word Google is a reflection of the word googol. With these words, Google is trying to reflect on itself as a company that has a mission to manage something so vast and infinite. And it was only found in the abundance of information cyber place without boundaries.

Google Making Many People Being Smart

Not inconceivable, what to do if you do a search on the internet without a search engine. Well, how busy. Billions of web pages available on the Internet, and the pages are always growing each time. Well as the party that wants to share information with their own domain name, such as corporations, publishing, preaching, hobbiest, discussion groups, personal notes, personal opinions, and so on., Or by machines that create data and information automatically.

Here are some brief events of interest to be appointed by the existence of search engines, including Google one of them.

Task Learning / Lectures

I so remember when he taught at the college, the students so much in completing their tasks, for example, asked to know how to work a tool, within a few days, their duties were already collected by e-mail. There is even less than 24 hours, they were able to give their reports.

I myself sometimes smile, not necessarily the entire faculty can access information as they do. Even for some cases, could be high school students more easily find a variety of information than their teachers.

Scholarships and Courses Abroad

So much information available about the scholarships on the internet, but also not easy to find information if without the help of search engines such as Google.

Google is a noteworthy alternative for this scholarship information. By typing the word "scholarship" will appear millions of information about the scholarships that you can access, if you want more detail, let's say you want a scholarship to university in Japan, live enter keywords like [japan university scholarship] will display more information more details.

So many scholarships seekers take advantage of this facility. Google makes them to get information so that it can to follow up by them.

Business Strategy

Business competition is always growing and increasingly sharp. So how can the strategy be more telling? Many of the cases in this world, whether in the form of success and failure.

What steps are most appropriate for your business? Look on the Internet, use Google as a search engine, enter the keyword you want. Discover aptly!

Media Campaign

Not a few e-mails sent to the author, why they rarely visited the site? The various cases that can result in such a case, including strategies to promote in cyberspace, such as using search engines as media campaigns.

Tell the search engine about the existence of your site, arrange the information in it so exciting to be displayed by the machine, and interesting to read by humans, so that when a keyword search on search engines, then your site will be a priority for display.

Take advantage of this search engine!

Knowing people who Beginning Information

Many people are of concern in the surrounding environment because they are people who know the information first. For example not to far away, someone who reveals the latest information on the environment in advance, will be more attention from the people around them.

Moreover, the existence of search engines, each person can get the latest information from around the country there, want to find information about the scientific karyatulis? Research? Ball? Gossip? Ff? Yes, live search on search engines alone!

Buying Goods Cheap

When a famous product was issued, many people who preyed on these products to be the original owner, or even just fun to know its specifications.

Likewise with many other things. You want to buy cheap tickets? Carriage as one example, they offer a fairly inexpensive if you buy their tickets directly from the Internet.

Want to buy a TV, books, VCDs, or else, why not find it on the internet? Found through a search engine! Google provides a facility for those interested in shopping abroad, without having to overseas there!

Photo from Satellite

You want to get photos from satellites to certain areas? Google's satellite image service also ready to help you. Use the Google Earth service!

Location Map

You have relatives in an American city in there, and wanted to visit them? Or even just to look at the existing street names around the place?

Google is ready to help you! You will know their address map without having to buy a map in the country of origin!

Many More!

And ..... there are many search features that you might do! Use Google!

Verify that the machine is able to assist them in many ways!

The reason they use Google

Google is a search engine that includes the most used on the Internet, a variety of reasons they chose Google, let us look together.

Focus In Search Engines

Google is so focused on the types of information search services as well as superior commodity other efforts that enrich the main service.

Popularity Google

Google as a search engine, has a name that is popular with Internet users around the world, so this machine is crowned by Internet users as a major search engine to do these kinds of searches.

Since its launch in 2001, a search engine that this is the most widely used netter. The access problem and popularity, Google still in the first
web ranks .

Speed and Ease

The speed and ease with which Google offered only a three-step process (call, type, and see the result) - is one of Google's strengths. Google is also very good in search of technical problems and interests of an activity. Similarly, in the search for actual pictures and news.

Because Google provides relevant search results most first-and fast! Amount of information on the Internet requires a complete search service to manage the information that is accessible and useful. Without the search equipment which is very effective, look for a particular website is very difficult, if not impossible.

Regularity on the Internet

Google is designed to create order in the chaos of information. This is a search service should be; not an editable directory, or limited, or a list of the results already obtained from a search of the most widely, but a method of organizing the Internet according to the structure itself.

Looking for More than 1 million URLs

Google's index, which consists of over 1 billion URLs, is the first of its kind and represents a comprehensive collection of web pages that use the Internet.

Google is connected to more than 8 billion web pages. So many pages are indexed, so we like are faced with a very complete library.

Results Search Words

Unlike other search engines, Google only produces results that match all the words you enter, be it in the text of a page or in links to the page. No more frustration with the results that have nothing to do with words what you are looking for.

Proximity Search Words

Google search results not only contain all the words you're looking for, but Google also analyzes the proximity of these words within a page. Unlike other search engines, Google prioritizes results according to the proximity of search terms. Google prioritizes results that approached the words you're looking for, so you need a little time in managing the irrelevant results.

Preview for each result

Avoiding web page summaries that never change, Google is the text that match your query in the search results. This feature saves time and frustration of loading web pages that are not relevant.

Making You Feel Lucky?

Google looks quite careful in producing the best results for common queries such as company names. They are so confident, in fact, they install the "I'm Feeling Lucky ™", which takes you directly to the website of the first search result. Google "I'm Feeling Lucky ™" is designed to take you to the information quickly.

Web Page Cache

Another plus, Google is a search engine pioneer has a cache. With this cache, the searcher can save the search time, because the search results will be displayed on the pages you saved previously.

Google stores many web pages in cachenya to be taken to you as a back-up in case the page server temporarily fails. Viewing the materials is often dicache faster than usual following the link, although the information that you may lack up-to-date.

Use of Facilities and Competition

For those of you who are accustomed to using one search engine, generally use is almost identical to each other, as well as the facilities available, can be a feature not available in one place but are available elsewhere, especially to see the phenomenon of search engine providers are mutually competing with another ones.

Looking at developments lately, their competition is good news for us, because their services would be more complete from day to day.

Search engines
are also called
tracking data, where the existing system on the system is processed through a single or group of computers that function to perform data searches. Data available on this machine collected by them through a particular method, and retrieved from the server they can access. If a search done through search engines, the search is actually conducted on a database that has accumulated in the machine.

Examples of these search engines are Google, Yahoo, Altavista, SearchIndonesia, etc..

How to Search Engines Work

Web search engines work by storing data on many web pages, which they retrieve from the WWW, through a web crawler.

These pages are retrieved by a web crawler - automated web browser which follows every link he saw. The contents of each page and then analyzed to determine how to index (for example, the words taken from the title, subtitle, or special fields called meta tags).

Data about web pages are stored in an index database for use in subsequent searches. Some search engines such as Google, store all or part of the page source (called cache) as well as information on the web page itself.

When a user visits a search engine and enter a query, typically by entering keywords, search engines index and provides a list of web pages that best matches the criteria, usually accompanied by a brief summary of the document title and sometimes some of the text.

Benefits of search engine depends on the relevance of the results it provided. Although there may be millions of web pages containing a word or phrase, some pages may be more relevant, popular, or authoritative than others.

Most search engines employ methods to rank the results to be able to provide the "best" first. The way the machine determines which pages are most appropriate, and the order of the pages shown, very varied. The methods also change over time as Internet usage changes and evolve new techniques.

Most web search engines are commercial ventures supported by advertising revenue and therefore most controversial practice, which allows advertisers to pay for their pages ranked higher in search results. But on Google, advertising has its own space separate search results, so expect not affect the search results.

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