Google Adwords For Maximize Your Ads

1. What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the advertising of products issued by the search engines and Google directory. Google AdWords advertising or meaning in the form of text ads that appear on the Google search engine during searching or searching by specific keywords. These ads will be displayed on the right side of search results. For example, go to site. In the search field, the contents of the keyword "job", then click the "Search". Within a few seconds will display search results as shown in Figure

Example Google AdWords

Google AdWords are shown on the right on the first page. These ads to appear on the first page will provide a great opportunity to get new customers to the site.

a. Destination Advertise on Google AdWords

Destination advertising on Google AdWords is to search for new customers who are browsing or looking for products on Google. This recall is the search engine with the largest database.

Excellence in Google AdWords Ads

With Google AdWords, website owners can create their own ads, choosing keywords that match, and only pay if someone who did click on the ad. Compared with other advertising media, Google AdWords provides a more attractive benefits, in addition to an affordable cost.

Benefits Offered Google AdWords

Google AdWords ads can be utilized for small companies and large, because the budget can be adjusted to be provided with the ability of each company. Some of the benefits offered by Google AdWords as follows.

1. Users with high quality. Ads will be displayed to users who are looking for a keyword that is placed on the ad. Thus, users who visit a site that promoted really looking for products that you need.

Budget can be controlled. The maximum cost per click (CPC) and daily budget amount can be controlled. The AdWords system will not charge more than a predetermined budget.

Obtain maximum results with minimal investment. Required to advertise only cost $ 5 (less than Rp 50.000, -) and the cost of 5 cents perklik dollars (USD 600, - perklik).

Flexible. There is no monthly fee or a certain minimum cost in a certain time.

Excess AdWords program

Google AdWords ads to give the excess to its users, including:

a. Reach people looking for products or services offered in the website which advertised with Google AdWords.
b. Advertisers can fully control the budget.
c. Easily create and edit the ad.
d. Ads can be displayed immediately (within minutes) after made on Google AdWords.

Ad performance reports can be used to see how well the campaign went. Learn more advantages offered by Google AdWords is as follows.

a. Good Control

Google AdWords account is fully customizable for any advertiser, such as bi listed below.

1. Cost-per-click (CPC), so only pay for clicks on ads alone, the price has been determined (at least starting from 5 cents USD to USD 50).
2. Own daily budget is determined, at least 5 cents USD.
3. Ads created and governed by a specific target.
4. Performance reports advertising / promotion directly into the account.
5. Ad network that consists of web pages and promotional pages priduk berfugsi as a means to boost the share of ad serving size.
6. One or more targeted ads using one or more keywords.

b. Success

The success of the AdWords program is built on the success of its advertisers, so the program will always be better developed and can attract prospects of quality in the most cost effective. Provided cost estimates and tools that can help to control costs.

c. Support

Has provided the media to help (help center) for users of Google AdWords ads for users to maximize the tools provided aids and feel the flexibility to manage your account. This Help Center is filled with information important for Google AdWords, tips improve your ad performance, and explain step by step how to create and manage your account.

d. Payment Method

Google AdWords provides a method of payment via credit card, debit card, auto debit, and payment by bank transfer. Generally, payments made by credit card accepted internationally, such as Mastercard, Visa, and debit cards. In certain countries who do not know the credit card payment, payment may be made by autodebit and bank transfer. There were two AdWords payment method, namely post-pay system and prepay.

1. Postpay Method

Post-pay payment method after the user is clicking on your ad. Of course, your ad must be activated or displayed first. To keep your ads running immediately, after registration, you must immediately provide your billing information data, such as credit card data. At that time you will be charged $ 50 as registration fee so that your account is active and your ads will start running. Once you determine the budget amount for the daily and monthly, you will be charged every 30 days or when the budget limit has been reached.

Prepaid Method

Payments made in advance of receiving any clicks. After you receive clicks, AdWords will deduct the charges from your prepaid balance. Your ads run almost immediately after the AdWords receive your payment. If your account runs out of funds, your ads will stop running until you re-pay, so make sure that you always check your account balance regularly. You will always be reminded and Google AdWords will send you an email when the funds remaining in a bit and when your balance becomes zero.



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