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Blog is no stranger to the every day surfing in cyberspace (the Internet), because it can find different types of blogs that discuss tutorials, online business, news, tourism, advertising providers and many categories of blogs we can find a different admin , starting from elementary school children, junior high, high school, university, private employees, civil servants, teachers, and the general public already know and have a blog. Someone made a blog as a media outlet for a hobby, something to share and some that made the blog as a place to make money according to what admin created a blog. Various activities carried out by the blog owner (admin), began to beautify the appearance of the blog, create interesting content, loading speed blog, blogwalking, submit article, post an ad, commenting on dofollow blogs and so forth. Of course this blog has done so traffic and SERP (Search Engine Result Page) that good that it makes a popular blog.

During the blogging, of course we often hear the word "Blog Dofollow" and "Blog Nofollow" and know there are some that do not know these terms. For those who do not know, zone-click will explain the notion Blog Dofollow and Nofollow Blog it. Here's a little explanation about dofollow and nofollow:

Dofollow links are added meaning when commenting on a blog posting will be further explored by the search engines (search engines), in terms of getting backlinks from blogs in these commentaries.

Nofollow is the opposite of dofollow, link included at the time to comment on a blog posting will not be further explored by the search engines (search engines), in the sense that we are not getting backlinks from blogs that commented on it. While we know that backlinks is one important element in improving the page rank (PR)

Based on the above understanding we may conclude that the blog is dofollow backlink blog that provides the link included at the comments, while blog nofollow is at this time include links on comments, the blog does not give backlinks so difficult for us to improve the page rank (PR) due to backlink behind the Page Rank (PR) a blog. So, to increase the page rank (PR) multiply blog dofollow blog commenting on the notes do not provide garbage comments, give comments in accordance with the posting title.

Benefits Using Dofollow Blog:

- Blog we will be looking for a blogger blog search dofolow, thus increasing blog traffic.
- Posts you will get lots of comments
- With a lot of comments, we will look to exist
- Feeling satisfied because we noticed postings.

Lack Using Dofollow BLog:

- Can make a page rank (PR) down
- Can create comment spam

While Excess Using Nofollow Blog:

- Increase page rank (PR) blog
- The higher page rank (PR), the better position in Search Engine Blog
- Can get a lot of traffic from Search Engines
- To play SEO blog is indispensable nofollow

Lack Using Nofollow Blog:

- Visitors rarely leave a comment, because they are only looking for information only
- Number of comentator a bit.

Well, it's clear understanding of the blog dofollow and nofollow blogs and know the advantages and disadvantages of using blogs dofollow or nofollow blog that has advantages and disadvantages of each. Now, determine your goals if you want to create a blog dofollow or nofollow remain a blog.

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