reseller is best way to earn money easily

Understanding reseller is someone who promotes a product from a particular website and get a commission (usually around 50%) of the price of these products. Reseller Program is a way to earn income without having their own products. If in some online business sites, each member has the right to follow the system reseller. Reseller program is only used as an additional course and rarely used as the main product.

reseller is selling back a product made by the seller after the seller bought it. Most people still misunderstand the notion reseller here. They assume that the reseller that makes them a medium for sales, because the fact is most people buy a product from a website and promote its web url in the hope of a commission. Yet only reseller itself just 1 feature of these online business in which there is no coercion. If you are lazy replica promote your url do not expect the commission to come by itself because the principle that Internet business Promotion = traffic = money. So lazy ikalau promoting other people's products are not selling why do YOU have YOUR own product is to promote its own products without the reseller no frills other, and enjoy the results themselves. For those of you who want to have their own products why not try to just make some extra money. Product = behavior = money in your account.

Examples of how this works is as follows:

There is a website that sells business ebook worth 100 thousand, for example
(This is only an example)

I ordered (purchased) ebook, then I automatically become eligible for our members and reseller programs. To follow the reseller program, I have to fill out the account data (bank name, branch, account normor) at resellers pages / member.

As a reseller I get the URL (web address) specific, ie:

This special URL that I use for promotion, whether it's on sites classified ads, forums, mailing lists, etc.. If there are people who buy through the URL, then he pays 50% to account for site owners and 50% into my account.

I only get a commission if the buyer is purchasing through my URL, which is accompanied by:? Id = Sanji.

Reseller System weaknesses such as this is:

1. REMEMBER Visitors who are

If anyone is interested in promoting my ad, then click on my link (ie:, and if he's interested but not able to buy at the moment, so who will he remembered, or he notes is website name only (ie Little chance that he would add? Id = Sanji behind him.

2. Reseller = Working For Others

What I mean other people here is not the owner of the website, but a third party. If someone opens or = (without including ID) then the ID will be filled automatically with the ID (resellers) belonging to third parties.

These third parties could amount to one person, or persons who are selected at random (random). Usually the third party is the owner of the website, whether it's his wife or a carpenter or whoever makes web depends website owner, because he who decide.

If I desperately promote but if it is remembered by visitors are, would not that mean I desperately promoting other people, ie a third party?

3. Reseller ID Is Saved Forever?

If there is someone to visit my URL (ie, then ID (username) is stored in my computer to "forever" (he's). So the next time the computer was used to open the open is my reseller pages, though he did not add? Id = Sanji behind him.

But, really my ID stored permanently on the visitor's computer? We do not know for sure!

Could be stored on ID (Cookies) computer is only a few hours or several days, if a web-programmer to make the case. After the expiry of that term, will automatically shift to the third party ID, (this is just one possibility lho).

4. Different Browser = Different Reseller

As in the second case above, if the visitors are using IE (Internet Explorer) to open my URL, the ID I just saved "forever" in its IE browser only.

If after that he opened through the Firefox browser, then it is definitely not my ID reseller.

5. Deep Freeze = Killer Reseller

Like the case of numbers 2 and 3 above, even though my ID is stored in the visitor's computer and even though he opened the web use only one type of browser, but if the computer uses the ID Deepfreeze I would be lost after the computer is restarted.