Best Keywords

Keyword can be thought of as an arrow released from the bow to shoot a specific object. There is no other purpose than to shoot it unless SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO alone can be understood as a series of resources and specific efforts to increase the volume and quality of traffic from search engine to your blog address in question.

So obviously the goal for your blog is always on the front page and the top of a search engine, so the consequences are your blog will often visited netter. Normally is, blogs that are in the order of 10 top search engines will have a great chance to clicked and visited by visitors. SEO phenomenon that was born in 1001 so it moves SEO for your blog used to appear at the top.

According to the existing understanding on Creating a Google-friendly site: Best practices, keyword stuffing that it was an attempt to manipulate rankings in google SERP (search engine result page google) inject by keyword into the web page.

Stuffing word meaning filling or condense. Was that the notion of keyword stuffing is a keyword or keywords in the content repeatedly. The bad tempered bloggers who shoot SEO by Keyword Stuffing with dark eyes action without even thinking about risk.

Keyword Stuffing can also invite the risks to the performance of the next blog, let punished google, etc.. On internet, you must be familiar with the term SPAM, Blog considered spam if it has a certain cheating. One of form is putting a lot of keywords or repeatedly.

For that agenda "eternal" a blogger is to keep learning to master SEO.