make your domain

Understanding domain names or commonly called the Domain Name or URL is a unique address on the Internet that is used to identify a website, or in other words the domain name is the address used to find a website on the internet. For example:,, etc..

Domain names are bought and sold freely on the Internet with an annual rent status. The domain name itself has identified extensions / suffixes in accordance with the interests and the location of the website. Examples of domain names to the international extension is com, net, org, info, biz, name, was. Examples of domain name extensions to the location of the State of Indonesia is (for the company's website domain name), (educational website domain name), (website domain name of government agencies), (organization's website domain name ).

To be honest, I'm still confused with the definition described in the wikipedia. But based on my perception of the catch during romp in the world of blogging and webmaster, domain that means our web address.

For example, I have domain name, it means my web address is In short: domain is the web address. domain is, domain was, and domain is Once again, the definition of my own based on experience!

How to have a domain
Domain can we have for free, or by purchasing / renting. For a free, you can find on google search with the keyword free domain. One of the best free domain name that I recommend is the domain with the extension. Simply click, and do register on the website. After registering, please go to the menu add new domains and create your domain. I have been using their services since mid-2008 and I am very satisfied with the services they provide. Examples of my domain name using is:

As for a domain that is not free, like. Com,. Net,. Org,. Biz, and so forth, you can buy through a reseller who was very much in Indonesia, one of whom was, MasterWebNet.Com, Rumahweb. com, and others. Among the many domain name sellers in Indonesia, I just had to try to DijaminMurah.Com. And all this well-aja smoothly without any serious problems.

Okay, I hope you connect with the writing on the domain and how to have / buy a domain:). More ....!

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting official definition I really do not know and do not try to find out. I know the sense just web hosting, so know it. That kind of space or room on the internet where we store the data of our website so that our website can be accessed on the internet. To make it easier, let's just say it is a web hosting or a flash disk or other storage media. But location is not on our computers, but in other countries. Webhosting different hard drive: if we store data on our website in our computer hard drive, so that we can see only our website only. Meanwhile, if we store data on the hosting of our website, then our website can be viewed / accessed by all Internet users in the world.

How to have Web Hosting
As the domain name, web hosting which also provides free and paid. What's the difference? when the free tend to have many limitations. Both in terms of quality and power. For example on paid webhosting we can control our accounts at will, while in a free web hosting is very, very limited our power. Not even our data may not be removed unilaterally by webhosting. Unlike the case with paid hosting, they should not be casually erase our data, because we pay!

How to create a website is to connect us with the domain name web hosting server, then save / upload the data to the webite our web hosting storage. That way, every time someone types your domain name in the browser, then your website will appear on the screen:). In other words, your website is ready to be enjoyed internet users.