Trading Psycology

In 2007, two hundred and ninety three called Forex traders entered my “black ops” Forex training program. The recruits accustomed specialized accelerated training in abstruse analysis, awful assisting trading systems, trading money administration and “ninja” trading appropriate techniques. They had every apparatus at their auctioning to actually beat 99% of top traders. There was no acumen for any individual banker not to accomplish acute profits on their money. I’m talking 100%...500%...even 2000% returns.

Twelve months into their Forex training ops, I subjected all 293 traders to an accelerated de-briefing - a acid acknowledge into their results. I looked at their triumphs and failures. I looked at their barter logs. I asked about their brainy and cerebral well-being. Above all, I looked at their trading annual balances.
What I apparent abashed me to the core.